Reel Change Film Frenzy

A few months ago, we signed up for a film-making contest co-hosted by Lights, Camera, Help and Alamo Drafthouse South, which planned to pair ten nonprofit organizations with ten local film-making crews. Then we forgot completely about it. Entirely, totally, absolutely forgot about the entire competition and everything else. We were reminded of it all the first week of January, when we were invited to meet our film-crew at the contest kick-off. Then we were reminded of the rules, namely, that we would have 48 hours to write a script, cast the film, shoot the film, and edit the film. We were introduced to our producer, Ruben Cantu, and his crew of merry film-makers–Phillip Goetz, Lorenzo Vidali, and a whole bunch of others–we made promises to each other, shook hands, made plans, wrangled and tricked and cajoled others into help us out—most notably Matt Earhart and his fine students at Anderson High School—and then we forgot all about it again, and then the filming happened in a frenzy (hence the name) and we made students give interviews and we made Matt Earhart, who has enough on his plate teaching, made him give interviews as well. But it all paid off, and we now have this brilliant five-minute short, thanks in no small part to all the hard work of the people who volunteer for us, the organizations who are willing to partner with us, and the students and teachers who welcome us into their classrooms. Thanks, everyone.