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Making Dollars and Sense: Real-World Writing and Financial Literacy (Ages 14-18)

  • When: August 6-8, 2:00pm-5:00pm
  • Where: Tarrytown United Methodist Church (2601 Exposition Blvd.)
  • What: In this workshop, kids will be introduced to basic and advanced financial concepts and will learn important related skills, such as budgeting and basic investing. They’ll also explore how writing figures in with financial literacy and how expressing oneself effectively plays a role in making and saving money, as well finding and making the most of a wide range of opportunities. Register here!


Page to Screen: Fiction Adaptation at the Alamo Drafthouse (Ages 14-18)

  • When: August 4-6 (Monday-Wednesday), 9:00am-noon; August 7 (Thursday), 11:00-noon (tour of Troublemaker Studio)
  • Where: Alamo Drafthouse Ritz (320 East Sixth St.)
  • What: Fiction–from Shakespeare plays to Hunger Games–has always been a rich source of material for movies. Students in this fiction- and film-focused camp will read fiction and see film adaptations of it in order to better understand the considerations of bringing already fully formed characters, plots, and settings to movie audiences. Students will then begin adapting one of two short stories–or their own fiction–for the screen. Register here!