Volunteer of the Month: Liz Wyckoff


Liz is our May 2011 Volunteer of the Month! Liz began volunteering in September 2010, right after she moved to Austin. Here’s what she has to say about it.

Why I volunteer: I volunteer with the Bat Cave primarily because it connects me to great people: awesome, creative, hilarious 6th and 7th graders and awesome, creative, hilarious volunteers. The students are so full of energy and spunk and imagination–very exciting and inspiring people, who get me thinking about life in a totally new way.

A favorite moment with ABC: One of my favorite volunteering moments occurred recently in one of Ms. Denmon’s 6th grade classes. The students had been assigned the task of explaining why Chris, my fellow volunteer, walked into class that day with his arm in a cast. In the skit my brilliant students created, Chris was played by a girl wearing a paper beard and mustache. He was riding in a hot air balloon with me (played by another girl with lots of sass) when he insulted my haircut, prompting me to push him out of the balloon, which broke his arm. Sure, it was a teensy bit violent, but it was such a great skit! The students spent the entire class writing and laughing–totally engaged in imagining this alternate universe. I think our volunteer efforts are most successful at moments like that, when we can get students to imagine, write, collaborate, and have fun all at the same time.

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