Collaboration Makes it Happen

Austin Bat Cave, like any warm-blooded animal or nonprofit, needs the company of others to flourish.

1. We rely on volunteers.

At any given time, ABC has around 80-200 volunteers. This is INSANE, right?! We agree–insanely amazing. Not only do community members help us teach free writing programs, they also bartend at events, organize donations, transcribe student work, and even make short films for us. Without volunteers, Austin Bat Cave would be merely a wistful, foggy dream, going the way of Pluto.

2. Businesses help Austin Bat Cave.

Just in the past month, 33 different businesses contributed to ABC: Bunkhouse Group, Home Slice Pizza, Gibson Studios, and dozens of others. Some gave us workshop free workshop space, some donated gifts to our silent auction, some a room to hold meetings or even events. Because of the generosity of local businesses, we are able to teach over 1200 students free writing programs.

3. Other non-profits 

Our mission is to help kids write. We do this in every way we can think of–from food tastings to college essays–and our favorite way to do this is to team up with area organizations to help both of our causes. Breakthough Austin brings  us in for their Saturday writing sessions with their 9th graders. Urban Roots and ABC will have some awesome workshops about food. We love working with friends to produce student writing.

4. Professionals and artists

You know who else has our backs? Talented folks, that’s who! Amazing writers understand the importance of the written word. They are persistent advocates of ABC’s mission. Incredible designers donate their work to us. Photographers, Filmmakers, and musicians  high-five us on a regular basis. We all love to help kids write!

Want to join our team? There won’t be matching jerseys or oranges after the game, but there will be rewards! Let’s make like Haley Mills and Haley Mills in the original “Parent Trap”: let’s get together!



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