Emily Smith: Volunteer of the Month!

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Have you ever met a person who laughs approximately 63 times per day? Someone who motivates students, is lovely coffee break company, and almost always says yes? Austin Bat Cave knows her, too! It’s Emily Smith.

For the past year (even more than that, actually), Emily has RULED as an Austin Bat Cave volunteer. From the classroom at Paredes Middle School to behind the microphone at our monthly Story Departments, Emily steps up to the plate, comes to bat, and hits a home run every play. This woman never misses. (Consider the sports metaphors D-O-N-E.) She taught eager young minds about the peril and adventure of space travel this past summer. At Paredes Middle School, her students produce elegant and hilarious pieces like this:


We Have on This Earth What Makes Life Worth Living


 We have on this Earth what makes life worth living,

all the things you love very much

your mom, dad, and family

the bacon you love

the soft blue jeans and the cool red shirt


We have on this Earth what makes life worth living,

the beautiful school you go to

the bike ride in the woods

the strict teacher that helps you learn

the people that teach you music


We have on this Earth what makes life worth living,

the playful pet you love

feeding your pet with happiness

letting your dog go with sadness

There might be hard times in your life, but you

just have to keep going


Emily Smith teaching dozens of children, slinging even more drinks in the name of fundraising, and being an all-around amazing ABC supporter leaves no doubt as to who holds the bat volunteer crown this month. All hail the queen! A virtual high-five and thank you (to the stars) to Emily Smith. We couldn’t do this without you…and wouldn’t want to.


Some little-known facts about Emily:

  • She’s been known (at least once) to wear a sock in her hair. You’ll have to ask.
  • She’s a dedicated and adventurous fiction writer.
  • Her favorite food is avocado.
  • Her cooking specialty is pies and galettes.
  • Her prized possession is a green fluorescent monkey statue she was given in Egypt.
  • She’s obsessed with space and astronauts, as well as trains, pocket watches, and old books.
  • She used to want to be a ballerina.



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