Story Department: what is it?


Story Department: [stohr-ee, dih-pahrt-muhnt]

1. a super-fun way to be a real-life voyeur, to know hot and heavy, down and dirty, completely heart-breaking, sincere and uplifting stories from strangers, friends or even well-known writers.

2. a completely unique date spot, sure to impress the most skeptical of ladies or dudes.

3. a painless, even enjoyable way to support your favorite non-profit, Austin Bat Cave. All the proceeds, even drinks and tips, support ABC’s free writing programs for kids.

4. there WILL BE PIZZA. Story Departments are usually held at Home Slice Pizza at 1415 South Congress. Grab a slice or a pie at More Home Slice and bring it over to the original Home Slice to listen to tales!

5. when people tell real-life stories, you might cry, laugh, clap, sigh, or all of the above. Folks have been known to run the whole gamut of emotions.

6. it’s fun. Really, really fun. See you at the next one! Upcoming Story Departments:

December 3rd, 2013: Lauren Modery, Jennifer Brown, Phil Korshak, and more will talk about being Home for the Holidays.

January 7th, 2014: Thor HarrisTravis NelsenElizabeth Doss and Marnie Castor will tell you about their own personal Happy Endings.


November 11, 2009: an Austin Bat Cave volunteer, Elena Eidelberg, went to NYC one summer and attended the Moth in NYC. She returned to Austin and said that she would be willing to organize a series as a monthly fundraiser for Austin Bat Cave. Owen Egerton emcee’d the first one. The lineup: Sarah Bird, Elizabeth Crane, Donna Johnson, Doug Dorst. Now, they happen monthly at Home Slice Pizza. A special thanks to Ellen Buckmaster, who designs each poster.


1. “The Moth”

If you’d like to tell a story in front of total strangers, email!


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