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Welcome to the first edition of Fiction Friday, in which we explore creative writing resources for kids. Today, ABC presents three websites that kids, parents, and teachers can visit to get ideas for writing. Use them for a rainy day, as part of homeschooling curriculum, or just—as Kurt Vonnegut says—to make your soul grow!


As an added bonus, we took some of these prompts for a spin ourselves. Happy Fiction Friday!


Super Teacher Worksheets provides fun writing journal prompts. One prompt asks young writers to describe a favorite character from a book, a movie, or television. Here goes nothing!


Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim’s Daughter Longstocking—more commonly known as Pippi Longstocking—is the young daughter of buccaneer Ephraim Longstocking, captain of the ship Hoptoad, who is presumed lost at sea. Pippi lives alone, with no adult supervision, and is a capable cook and housekeeper. Pippi has not received a conventional education and thus has very poor manners, leading many adults to mistrust her. (She also has a tendency to be sassy and impertinent.) However, she is fiercely loyal, kind, and intelligent, not to mention inexplicably and shockingly strong. She can lift her horse, Horatio, over her head even while he is being ridden by Pippi’s two neighbor friends, Tommy and Annika. Mr. Nilsson, Pippi’s pet monkey, rounds out her ragtag crew of adventurers. Pippi’s prized possessions are a suitcase full of gold coins and a chest of drawers containing many whimsical treasures.


Kid Stardust, a literary blog, provides creative writing exercises and prompts. Mixing Up Metaphors, one of the suggested activities on the list, charges kids with the task of rewriting overused similes and metaphors. Let’s give it a go!


Cold as ice –> Cold as zero degrees on the Kelvin scale

Swift as a river –> Swift as a skilled swordfight

Sneaky as a fox –> Sneaky as a cat without a bell

Good as gold –> Good as a loaded Italian sub


With Story Starters from Scholastic, kids enter their names, ages, and preferred genres, and then they spin a super-fun virtual slot machine to receive prompts. Observe!


“Write a four-line rhyme about / a generous / juggler who / finds a rare jewel.”


Eddie the generous juggler went

To the end of the earth, where his ship got a dent.

For repairs, he foraged for wood, rope, and bone,

And in doing so found a rare sparkling stone!


“Write a wanted sign for / an ill / serpent / whose armor is made of dragon scales.”


WANTED: Serpent, aged approximately 430 years (enchanted). She is thought to be armed (despite having no arms), specifically with armor. This armor is exceptional, having been forged from dragon scales plucked from the serpent’s cousin, a mountain-dwelling palomino dragon named Wugsington, who was killed in the Battle of Murtoth by Ogre Stephen. Said serpent murdered Ogre Stephen in coldblooded blood and pilfered the dragon-scale shield that Ogre Stephen had recently ordered from a custom armory to commemorate his dragonslaying. The serpent should be considered extremely dangerous despite being ill with strep throat—which is extremely serious for serpents, as they are comprised chiefly of throat—and was last seen flying in the manner of a necklace wound about the neck of her sidekick, a condor named Oceana, the shield lashed to the bird’s nine-foot wing.

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