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Longtime volunteer Matthew S. teaching a fantasy genre camp

We here at Austin Bat Cave love our volunteers so, so much. We’re constantly amazed by their enthusiasm, initiative, reliability, and creativity.

Our volunteers are students, teachers, businesspeople, retirees, and all-around champs. Some of them have a lot of teaching and event experience, and others don’t. Just as all of our programs are highly tailored to the school, organization, or group of students we’re working with, our volunteers all have different experiences with us based on what age groups they prefer working with, what creative genres they have expertise in, and their schedules.

If you want to volunteer with ABC, the first step is filling out our volunteer form. After that, we’ll be in touch with you about what positions are available and how we can train you to lead or help out with those programs. If none of those positions are feasible for you, we’ll keep you on our list–or you can work with us to create your own program. Here are just a few of the programs that have been created after volunteers approached us with ideas and initiative:

A post-apocalyptic fiction writing camp

A stand-up comedy writing camp that culminated in a live show at the Salvage Vanguard Theater

A documentary filmmaking camp during SXSW

If you don’t envision yourself in the classroom but still want to support ABC, worry not–we have plenty of other volunteer needs, including help with events and development.

So fill out our volunteer form today–nay, this instant! We want to know what gets you fired up, what kind of volunteer experience you’re looking for, and how we can arrive at a win-win situation, our very favorite kind.

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