Lewis Carnegie: a Love Story

Once, in a city called Austin that acted in all wonderful ways like a village, a wide-eyed new nonprofit came on the scene–ABC. On hot summer mornings, ABC woke up early to sit beside Town Lake with 15 or so young people, writing poetry about bats and rivers and potential visits to Mars. During after-school programs, ABC sat with different young people, helping them develop narratives about their mothers, their passions, hamburgers, and their inevitably magical futures. Over the years ABC led different groups of young people in different writing exercises, eager to celebrate these fresh voices, to lift up these stories and proclaim them GOOD. One day, after an exceptional workshop with Austin youth beside Lady Bird Lake, ABC caught her reflection in the water. Although ABC looked ok, she could look far, far better.


At that very moment, an established Austinite named Lewis Carnegie walked on the path behind ABC. Lewis Carnegie was well-known in this land for its beauty, good-natured personality, and light-hearted, yet generous spirit. But little did ABC know that Lewis Carnegie also knew about ABC. In a city that acted in all wonderful ways like a village, these things got around.


Lewis Carnegie sat next to ABC and peered also upon ABC’s reflection and said, “Let’s work together to help every aesthetic match your mission, ABC.” This is exactly what ABC wanted to hear. It was as if the fates granted ABC her biggest and brightest wish. And at that point, Lewis Carnegie pulled ABC up by the armpits in a firm and gentle way, led ABC over to its location on East Cesar Chavez, and, like every great love story ever known, Lewis Carnegie has been creating, out of the goodness of their hearts, quality designs for ABC ever since.


From Austin Bat Cave’s pamphlets to our amazing anthologies, Lewis Carnegie, a husband and wife team design firm, continues to carry our aesthetics to great heights. Not only does Lewis Carnegie understand ABC’s passion, they are folded into it, invested as much as any staff or board member.

Sean and Wendy_0

Like Nabokov wrote of a much more controversial love affair than ABC and Lewis Carnegie’s: “It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.”





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