What Is Love?

It’s Friday, friends, but it’s also Valentine’s Day Eve–meaning that this weekend, many words will be written and read about what love means.

Some claim that love means never having to say you’re sorry. We disagree! If you love someone, and you do something to hurt or anger that person, shouldn’t you apologize? As an example we submit the following pair of charming apology notes, written by students in Blackshear Elementary after they got a little too rowdy during their session with Dave (“Mr. Dawer”/”Mr. Dave”):


We at ABC know a thing or two about love. We love our volunteers. We love the time, energy, and dedication they put into our programs. We love Austin and the creative opportunities our city presents. We love Home Slice Pizza. We love Lewis Carnegie Studios. We love win-win situations, most notably when ABC, our volunteers, our community partners, and students all tap into the benefits of celebrating kids’ writing (win-win-win-win?).

Thanks to all of ABC’s loved ones, and we hope you have an excellent Valentine’s Day!


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