Happy Birthday, Kathy Blackwell!


Kathy Blackwell, an alumna of the University of South Carolina, worked at The Austin American-Statesman from 2000-2014 as Senior Editor before she began as Editor-in-Chief of Austin Way Magazine, an impressive new publication that celebrates the finest details of Austin, including but not limited to, this issue’s cover face, Connie Britton, aka Tami Taylor. Kathy Blackwell is obviously most famously known for her dedicated and impressive work on Austin Bat Cave’s Board of Directors, where she serves as the secretary. She not only helps ABC offer free writing programs to hundreds of kids every semester, but also is a joy in any room 100% of the time. Last time we checked, only four people in the known universe were capable of this feat.



Other than raining sunshine down on all that she comes across and her two-decade career in daily journalism, Kathy Blackwell is a dedicated mother to a son, Gabriel, and partner to her husband, Steve.

If you have a second today, wish Kathy a happy birthday.

Twitter @kathyblackwell.

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