Giving Spotlight: Burdine Johnson Foundation

Austin Bat Cave has many supporters–individuals, local businesses, corporations, and foundations. One foundation that we celebrate as a friend and supporter is the Burdine Johnson Foundation.

In 1960 Burdine Clayton Johnson, with the help of her husband J.M. Johnson and several trustees, founded the Burdine Johnson Foundation for the “purposes of public usefulness.” Today the foundation supports ABC’s programs, development, and creation of our kid-written annual anthology, as well as many different environmental, historical, and arts-based projects.

Burdine Johnson was one of four sisters and her father, William L. Clayton, helped form the Marshall Plan to revitalize Europe after WWII. An avid believer in the power of the arts, she played piano and loved music, acting, and poetry, even self-publishing a collection of poems called Winds Over Halifax, focusing on the family’s ranch (now a nature preserve) and the natural world. Today the organization is run by Bill Johnson, his daughter Katherine Johnson, and Robert Giberson.

Katherine Johnson, a writer herself and a past volunteer for Austin Bat Cave, let’s us in on why they support ABC:
We love organizations that provide education and encouragement to kids, especially in the arts…It’s wonderful to see how the ABC makes the effort to provide instruction and workshops to kids and how excited and uninhibited the kids get – how the kids can start to nurture and discover their own love of writing, in their own way, with their own voices.
Austin Bat Cave is thrilled to be supported by the current members of the Burdine Johnson Foundation and honored to be associated with the amazing legacy of Burdine Johnson. With their support, and many others, we’ll continue to urge young writers to be proud of their words.


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