Meet Phoebe!

Austin Bat Cave is lucky enough to work with dozens of talented and hard-working volunteers every semester. One of our newest is Phoebe Ayres.
Hi, I’m Phoebe! I’m a high school senior and I am working with Austin Bat Cave as my senior independent project – a unique opportunity designed for self-driven and motivated, qualified students to participate in during the last semester of senior year. I chose Austin Bat Cave because it combines two things I am passionate about: working with people, especially children, and writing. I’ve spent many summers working as a counselor in children’s art camps and distributing food to the houseless. My dad has been a writer since he was in college, and has continuously encouraged my sisters and I to keep journals and make up stories for as long as I can remember. I really started writing during sophomore year, then joined a creative writing class junior year, taught by Ali Haider, Austin Bat Cave’s Program Director. He was a life-changing teacher for me, and I am really excited to work with him again. My ultimate goal is to not only be able to interact and impact the lives of young Austinites for an important cause, but also obtain an early foundation in nonprofit work.
My parents are originally from Texas, but met in New York City. They had my twin sisters there, but eventually decided to move back to Austin so that they could have a yard in which their daughters could play. My little sister and I were born not long after, and have spent our whole life in the same house, playing in the same yard amongst many fish, cats, a blind dog, and a hedgehog. Most of my free time is spent rowing, something I’ve done for three years and will continue in college next year. Two fun facts about me are that 1) my fingers often spasm whenever I eat cold food and 2) I went to a summer camp in Mexico when I was younger and won the Barbie award. My diet consists of mostly thai food, I have a wide ranging taste in music, and I am exactly six feet tall. I’m really excited to be here!

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