Farewell, Austin Bat Cave!

Farewell, ABC. img_1653

In 2007, when I first volunteered for Austin Bat Cave, only in my dreamiest dreams would I have imagined that ABC’s Board of Directors and the Austin community would entrust me to uphold such a vital mission. To give thousands of kids the gift of story is just about the coolest job imaginable, with the exception of just one other job—being a mom to one particular kid. 

Come January, I will be stepping down from my position at ABC to spend more time with my daughter and possibly to move to London, where my husband has been offered a job. For those of you who might be curious, yes, Austin Bat Cave is in fact the best organization in existence, and yes, it’s possible that I might be a nincompoop for leaving. The thought enters my head daily, and then I breathe into a paper bag and have a wee cry. It’s my plan to hop directly onto the Board of Advisors, so y’all won’t get rid of me completely. The search has begun to pass the torch–someone to lead ABC in our mission to deliver free, quality writing programs to Austin’s youth. 

Parting really is such sweet sorrow. Sweet because check out that face below. And sorrowful because I am stepping back from being the hub that connects each one of you—donor, volunteer, parent, educator—to each one of our children. Standing in the center of that whirlwind of kindness has been exhilarating and joyful. Thank you for holding me up.

It’s been my honor.

Yours truly,

seriously truly yours forever,

and ever,


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