Meet Sydney, Our New Intern!


I am so excited to be joining the Austin Bat Cave team! I will be interning alongside the best of the best in order to promote ABC’s incredible mission as well as attending events and enjoying the lovely community of Austin writers.

I am proud to say that I am addicted to reading and writing. My favorite genre is fantasy; if a book merely hints at the idea of reptilian humanoids, interstellar space travel, global apocalypse, etc., I dive in head-first. Similarly, my own stories revolve around the fantastical.

Giving kids the joys of writing is extremely important to me because when I was a child in school, I was not given that chance. Learning to write goes hand in hand with learning how to express one’s self, and kids and teenagers have so much to say!

This brings me back to my excitement at interning for Austin Bat Cave. I cannot wait to work with the team and expand on ABC’s mission while meeting all their wonderful volunteers and students who bring life to this organization.


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