Tall Tales Told at Laguna Gloria

Tall Tales Told at Laguna Gloria 


Sydney Elizabeth Chandler

Since ABC’s mission is focused on connecting a diverse population of young writers with wonderful writing volunteers, Austin Bat Cave teamed up with Laguna Gloria to hold a storytelling event on the museum grounds. Families wrapped around tables and created their own happily ever after’s, or some not so happily ever after’s, with cut outs of Laguna Gloria’s various sculptures.


Some of the kids wrote stories about Snow White and her battle against the Big White Bunny. Others cut and pasted separate sculpture pieces onto separate sculptures, and wrote about a day in the life of a crying Snow White with rabbit ears, or a weaselly weasel with four legs, two animal, two human. All of these stories, along with their drawn comic book page, were then scanned for use in our next anthology, coming out later next year.


Across the way from the popsicle stand and the giant tin man, the improv group, Flying Machine Theater, was set up on the museum’s steps. This improv group volunteered their incredible imaginations, working with the kids to create worlds and characters out of thin air. We were captivated by one of the skits that focused on hungry dogs entering the scary forest in search of food. The kids – or the dogs rather – banded together, scared off a troll, and found large stacks of pancakes awaiting them in the clearing.


This event was so much fun. If you haven’t been out to visit Laguna Gloria and the many sculptures, we would definitely advise you to do so! Take a walk around the river, enjoy the museum, and try and make sense of the overly adorable bunny crying tears into its poor fountain. Austin Bat Cave strives to bring creative workshops and activities to kids and teenagers in our community. Keep an eye out for more ABC events, coming soon! All events are free of charge.

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