Warby Parker / Austin Bat Cave Party

Last Thursday, Warby Parker  and Austin Bat Cave  joined forces to hold a wonderful Anthology Party. The outcome? Spectacular. The Warby Parker studio was filled with staff and guests, and the Austin Bat Cave office was transformed into a bidding area for decorated anthologies, an artistic table headed by Tim Kerr, as well as a portraiture table run by Portraits.


There is no party without food and drinks. The bar was buzzing, the food was… well eaten up after minutes of leaving the kitchen. And so many beautiful people! The turnout was incredible, the music was on point.


We want to thank EVERYONE who came for contributing to such a wonderful night, and a special thank you to Shiner Beer, Poortraits, and June Rodil. Can’t wait for the next Warby Parker / Austin Bat Cave event!


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