Volunteer of the Month: Alexa Johnson


Some volunteers teach writing workshops weekly for an entire semester, other volunteers help at fundraisers that raise a large portion of our annual budget. These volunteers, every one of them, are necessary to the success of Austin Bat Cave.

Meet Alexa.

A vintage-wearing teacher by day, and a harpoon-wielding whale hunter at night. By “harpoon-wielding whale hunter at night,” we obviously mean that she has helped with Austin Bat Cave events for years. YEARS, folks. Nearly every time we ask her to help with an event, she says yes. She shows up 100% of the time, takes on any task (except for ones that necessitate heights) and shines her brightness and intelligence around the room. She does this AND volunteers for our programs, even bringing together SmartKids and Austin Bat Cave for two summer camps this past summer.

Thank you, Alexa, for your dedication and harpooning. We are lucky to have you on our side.


Austin Bat Cave

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