Volunteer of the Month: Jennifer Higgins


Volunteer of the Month: Jennifer Higgins

Each month, ABC will highlight one of our volunteers who makes a big impact with our students and in our community. Some volunteers teach writing workshops weekly for an entire semester, other volunteers help at fundraisers that raise a large portion of our annual budget. These volunteers, every one of them, are necessary to the success of Austin Bat Cave.

Meet Jenn.

Good ol’ Huckleberry Higgins: one of our leaders on the front lines of ABC’s programming. Jenn came to Austin Bat Cave with no teaching experience, but she had a passion for books and writing and wanted to help young students find that same joy. Very quickly, Jenn took to the classroom, displaying a knack for inspiring her students. At the end of last year, a student at Hillcrest Elementary read aloud for the very first time in front of her peers. Afterward, she gave Jenn a big hug and said that because of her, she’d found the courage to read her work in front of everybody.

To big smiles and hugs, Jenn returned this year to volunteer at Hillcrest Elementary, empowering kids by giving them a platform to share their voice and their stories. Thanks, Jenn, for being part of our team!


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