Volunteer of the Month: James Ruiz


Each month, ABC will highlight one of our volunteers who makes a big impact with our students and in our community. Some volunteers teach writing workshops weekly for an entire semester, other volunteers help at fundraisers that raise a large portion of our annual budget. These volunteers, every one of them, are necessary to the success of Austin Bat Cave.

Meet James.

A former high school English teacher with a serious eye for fashion, style and photography, James also knows how to defeat Voldemort. But that’s a story for another time. This winter, James spent ridiculous amounts of time interviewing Austin Bat Cave kiddos and turning their wise words into this incredible video for us.

With his kindness and mad videographer skills, James empowered kids to share what Austin Bat Cave means to them — and then helped us share that with you. Thanks, James, for helping encourage others to support ABC’s free writing programs for kids!

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