Once Upon a Time at Allan Elementary…

Once Upon a Time at Allan Elementary…


Cinderella and Snow White have stood the test of time. And maybe for good reason, but you have to admit, there’s only so much more of those seven dwarves we can take.

Austin Bat Cave and the girls of Allan Elementary’s Dance Another World troupe certainly think so. They decided it was high time to flip these classic fairytales on their heads. With the help of our beloved head ABC instructor, Ms. Kathy, the weekly Friday session, turned fantastical. Thankfully, Ms. Kathy and some of our other magical volunteers were around to supervise, because imaginations were running wild.



Our favorites all follow the same pattern; a land far far away, a princess, a villain, and of course, a happily ever after- which has helped teach the group about some of the most common elements of a story. We see castles and forests as our settings, princesses as our protagonists, and handsome heir heroes coming to the rescue. There is always an antagonist, and a conflict, and a lesson to learn.


IMG_7534When Ms. Kathy told the girls to think about making some adjustments to the typical structure of these tales, we didn’t know what to expect. But we definitely were not expecting to see “The Little Mermaid” turn “The Little Merman” or for Frozen to end in utter tragedy. It was anything but boring to listen to the bedtime stories the girls wish they had been told. Despite a few tearjerkers, the girls had a blast rewriting, recasting, and redesigning their favorites.


Our Sisters Grimm are still hard at work perfecting their folklore. Those trolls aren’t going to defeat, or overthrow the kingdom, themselves! But you can expect to see titles like “Lizzy Pan” and “Alice and Wonderland and The Beast” on the shelves soon.

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