Meet our newest staff members!

It is our pleasure to introduce you to three of our newest staff members. We welcome them with open arms to the Cave!

Meet Tammy Beard, our new Grants Manager!

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 Tammy earned her BBA in Business Analysis from Texas A&M University and MS in Psychology from Texas Tech University. Her development work has roots in Chicago’s nonprofit literacy field. Tammy’s past work experiences include serving as Director of Development at 826CHI and contract grant writing for primarily literacy-focused nonprofit organizations in Illinois and Texas. Tammy is a bundle of joy and a great addition (haha) to our team when it comes to crunching numbers!

Meet Rohan, our new programming intern!


Rohan Mirchandani is a second-year student at the University of Texas, studying Journalism and Plan II, a liberal arts honors degree. Recently, Rohan taught English Literature at the Fort Worth Country Day School with Breakthrough Collaborative. In Austin, he works as a college-preparation advisor and mentor with the KIPP School Network and writing tutor at the University of Texas Writing Center. He is thrilled to be working with Austin Bat Cave as a programming intern.

Meet Hava Kane, our new intern!

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I have always admired ABC’s mission and its integral role in the local community during my time as an undergraduate at UT Austin. I am honored that I finally have the chance to contribute to all of the meaningful work that goes on here. As cliché as it sounds, I believe that everyone has a story worth sharing. I’m writing a thesis about the therapeutic value of stories, I’m a huge podcast junkie, I love Austin, and I love working with kids… so it’s probably clear why I love ABC. Giving kids the gift of stories and cultivating the belief that their stories matter is the best gift you can give a child. I can’t wait to experience the stories that kids are developing at the Bat Cave and to create more opportunities for stories to inspire and enrich their lives.


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