Summer Bug Juice

Every kid counts down the days to summer. School lets out and they have three months of unimaginable opportunity and possibility. Summer vacation is a tall lemonade with ice cubes clicking in the glass. Days spent at Deep Eddy and Barton Springs. Hot days and hot dogs. Every meal comes with a wedge of watermelon. There are endless slumber parties and you stay up all night sharing secrets with your best friend. Summer months are bigger and brighter than the rest of the year. They’re monumental.

In two weeks, over fifty Austin Bat Cave campers have battled dragons and lived to tell the tale, met divine #2 pencils, interviewed inanimate objects about humanity, made magic wands, and brewed potions. It’s been a whirlwind beginning to summer camp season, but we’re loving every minute of it with our crew.


To make this summer possible, our community gave back in big ways. Over two dozen volunteers came together and became educators, working one-on-one with students on their stories, poetry, and podcasts. Students wrote stories and performed for families and friends. They learned about art and life and love. They became writers.

We wouldn’t be here without our amazing community partners and supporters. Restaurants donated lunches and local businesses supported us with journals and paper and pens. We worked with some amazing organizations that brought us into their worlds and let us bring our zany ideas. Austin Bat Cave would like to thank the following: Communities in Schools and Smart Kids, Thinkery Museum, Dragon’s Lair, BookPeople, Home Slice, Fresa’s, Olamaie, Nate’s Baked Goods & Coffee, Hopdoddy Burger Bar, Flyrite, Modern Market, Griffin McElroyPaul Normandin, Linsdey McGowen, and Marc Airhart!

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