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At Austin Bat Cave, we love our volunteers, and our volunteers love us. If you would like to volunteer for the Austin Bat Cave, here’s what you can do:

Please take a moment to fill out our volunteer form.

This will ensure that you receive updates about programs for which we need volunteers, and you’ll also get the inside scoop on super-fun volunteer get-togethers!

We consistently need volunteers for in-school programs (both continuous and one-time), as well as our own weekend, one-time, and summer workshops. We frequently need volunteers for fundraising events, too. If you want to help, but not in the classroom, we still want you to be involved! There is a wide variety of ways you can contribute, from online tutoring, to administrative assistance, to grant writing, and more.

If you have expertise in a field that involves writing, and some background working with young people, you might be a fit to teach an evening or weekend workshop. The topics range from SAT-prep to hip-hop poetry to science writing. Whatever your area of interest, our staff will work with you to perfect your lesson plan and execute your workshop.


At Austin Bat Cave, you can gain valuable experience in a wide variety of areas, including teaching, development/grant writing, event planning, and program administration. We do our best to shape internships to match our interns’ objectives and give them relevant skills. If you are interested in interning for us, please contact Sasha Vliet at

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