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Volunteer Opportunities

Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 Volunteer Opportunities

We’re always looking for volunteers to join the team for our free writing programs. We work with students in groups and one-on-one to develop their creative and expository writing skills. Austin Bat Cave works with volunteers with a range of classroom experience. Our students benefit from our volunteers’ passionate mentorship and individual feedback. Take a look at our opportunities below and let us know if you have any questions. Then, sign up to volunteer!

Weekly Writing Clubs

Creative Writing with LEAD
When: 3:30–5:00pm, weekday TBD
Where: Del Valle ISD
Grade level: 3rd-5th

Creative Writing Club
When: 4:45pm–5:45pm, weekday TBD
Where: East Austin College Prep
Grade level: 4th-5th

Creative Writing Club
When: 4pm–5pm, weekday TBD
Where: Decker Elementary
Grade level: 3rd-5th

Creative Writing Club (Spanish & English)
When: 4pm–5:30pm, weekday TBD
Where: J. Houston Elementary
Grade level: 4th-5th

Writing Workshops

Personal Narrative Writing
When: December 7th, 9:30am–1pm
Where: Manor, Texas, location TBD
Grade level: 8th

Resume & Cover Letter Writing
When: Saturday, January 25th, 9am–4pm
Where: The Thinkery
Grade level: 7th-12th

College Essay Writing: Tips & Tricks
When: Saturday, Feb. 1st, 9am–12pm
Where: St. Edward’s University
Grade level: 9th-12th

Op-Ed Writing with The Texas Tribune
When: March 16th-18th
Where: Studio 919 at The Texas Tribune
Grade level: 9th-12th

Sign up to volunteer for these workshops!

We’ll be adding more opportunities throughout December. Stay tuned!

Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 Volunteer Calendar

Volunteers are now able to easily browse through our full slate of programs for the semester. Program schedules and information are now accessible through our public Google Calendar.

As programs are added to our roster, they’ll be updated and added to the calendar. If you have any questions, be sure to contact Heather for more information!

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