Story Department

SD3At this adults-only monthly event inspired by NYC’s The Moth, talented storytellers riff on a theme. All proceeds (from entry fees and drink sales) go to support our free programs for kids ages 6–18.

Story Department is held at Home Slice Pizza on South Congress, beginning at 8:00. But get there early and have a beer with us! 

Love Story Department a whole lot? Did you know you can be a VIP?  Become an ABC sustaining member at just $25/per month and gain free admission to every single Story Department — plus one drink ticket and one automatic raffle entry at every SD you attend!

Just head here, enter $25 under amount and click the box to “make this a recurring donation.” We’ll send you a snazzy little card that you can show us at the door!

Upcoming Story Department Schedule

August 14: #TimesUp
September 11: Get Out
November 13: This Land is Your Land
December 11: Stranger Things

Archived Stories


February 13: Love is in the Air (Click to listen to Susan Ribnick’s story)
March 13: This American Life (Click to listen to Mackenzie Irick Milks’ story)
April 10: Suitable for Children
May 8: We are in the Future (Click to listen to Bridget Brewer’s story)
June 12: Comment Section
July 10: I Thought I Knew You


February 21: Love is Love ( Click to listen to Felix Morgan’s story)

March 7: Battle Wounds (Click to listen to Rebecca McInroy’s story)

April 11: A Face Only a Mother Could Love (Click to listen to Chris Dammert’s story)

June 13: Kissing Toads  ( Click to listen to Jerri Yager’s story)

July 11: Only in Texas ( Click to listen to Ali Haider’s story)


March 8: You Can’t Always Get What You Want  (Click to listen to Thor Harris’ story)

April 12: Prom (Click to listen to Max Langert’s story)

July 12: Best Frenemies Forever (Click to listen to Adam Sultan’s story)

September 13: Uphill Both Ways ( Click to listen to Claire Campbell’s story)

October 11: No Coincidences (Click to listen to Jon Fortenbury’s story)

December 6: Dear John ( click to listen to Katie Haab’s story)


February 10th: Best Worst Date ( Click to listen to David Kallison’s story!)

April 14th: The Luckiest (Click to listen to Kathleen Sutter’s story!)

July 14th: Abandon Ship (Click to listen to Steph Ophitz’ story!)

September 8th: Meet me at the Bike Racks (Click to listen to Kathleen Moore’s story!)

December 8th: My Hero ( Click to listen to Matt Choates story!)








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