Instant Poetry with Sean Petrie of Typewriter Rodeo


Instant Poetry: Getting Words on the Page

Tuesday, March 5th: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Wednesday, March 6th: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: Austin Bat Cave (1317 S. Congress Ave.)

Perhaps you’ve seen it at a festival or farmer’s market. Perhaps you’ve heard it being clacked out on the radio. Instant poetry — poems written on-the-spot for strangers, often on a typewriter — has seen a surge in popularity across the country. In this course, poet Sean Petrie of Austin’s “Typewriter Rodeo” walks, skips, and types you through the poetry creation process — from how to start a poem, “tricks” for adding rhyme, rhythm, and metaphor, embracing the power of mistakes, and deciding where to end.

It’s a crash-course on how to write an instant poem — and how those skills can help you tackle “traditional” poetry, overcome writer’s block, enliven existing prose, and spark story ideas.

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Since 2013, Sean Petrie has written over 10,000 instant poems at events from Maine to Mexico, from The Smithsonian to Willie Nelson’s SXSW festival. He is a founder of Austin’s “Typewriter Rodeo” and co-author of Typewriter Rodeo: Real People, Real Stories, Custom Poems, published by Andrews McMeel Universal. His poems for Typewriter Rodeo are featured on the weekly NPR radio program, “Texas Standard.”

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