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Spring 2019 Adult Writing Classes & Workshops

We are excited to offer adult writing programs for writers of all skill levels. Stay tuned as we add more workshops and classes to our spring lineup! All classes take place at Austin Bat Cave on S. Congress (map).

Please note: The fees from ABC’s adult writing workshops are used to both subsidize our programs for children and to pay your workshop instructors.

All classes are non-refundable but are transferrable to another person or to another class of equal or lesser value!

More Naked Than Flesh: Writing the Erotic with Bridget Brewer

Tuition: $55.00

Wednesday, April 3rd: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Thursday, April 4th: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

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What do ancient Sumerian poetry, Sappho, Anais Nin, dime-store novels about countesses and stable boys, the Marquis de Sade, the 1986 French novel Sphinx, and Harry Potter fanfiction all have in common?  Answer: they’re all examples of erotica – writing comprised of narrative and explicit portrayals of sexual relationships, intended to arouse the reader.  And they’re about to become part of your homework!  This class will involve generative writing prompts, short reading assignments, and the how-to’s of writing erotic literature, taught by a writer who paid her electricity bill by ghostwriting paranormal and dystopian erotic fiction for a decade.  If you’ve ever wanted to know how to write steamy love scenes, be bolder in your writing, or even learn how to sext with more than just the peach emoji, this is the class for you!

Please note: We’ll be looking at erotic content that addresses a wide range of gender presentations, body types, and identities.  (Werewolves and ghosts are not out of the question here, and erotic writing is never politically neutral!)  Please come prepared to have your notion of the erotic challenged, broadened, and pulled apart as we dive into the world of the bodily with our fellow classmates.

Creating a TV Series with Bev Chukwu

Tuition: $45.00

Tuesday, April 16th: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Wednesday, April 17th: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

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Ever turned to one of your friends and said, “I have a great idea for a TV show”? While your buddies are likely to applaud any idea you share, Austin Bat Cave is hosting a workshop that will make you more critical of which ones work and which ones don’t work. By imitating elements of a real TV writer’s room, this workshop will foster knowledge of screenwriting through hands-on learning. Over the course of two days, workshop attendees will go over script terminology, pitch series ideas, choose the best pitch, build a TV world and break story, all while getting a better understanding of what it takes to create a series. The ultimate goal is to leave writers with the tools and motivation to develop their own series and eventually tackle the infamous Pilot Script. This is not your average workshop. For two days only, you’re allowed to leave your solo-work at the door and be apart of the collective: a true TV writer.

The Transformative Power of Place with Alejandro Puyana

Tuition: $55.00

Wednesday, April 24th: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Thursday, April 25th: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

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One Hundred Years of Solitude without Macondo, Harry Potter without Hogwarts, or To the Lighthouse without the Cornwall coast. Place and setting are a vital component of engaging writing, be it fiction or nonfiction. It is not a backdrop for a staged performance, but rather a living organism that should change your characters and be changed by them as the story progresses. In this class we will use close readings, creative exercises, flash workshops and texts on craft to explore the creation of place and setting that transforms your work and captivates readers. This class is open to writers of fiction and non-fiction of all levels.

If you are interested in participating in creative writing programs for adults, please email info@austinbatcave.org.



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