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Virtual Workshops & Summer Camps

ABC’s 2019 Summer Writing Retreat for Young Authors at St. Edward’s University.

Austin Bat Cave Presents: Live Write-In (6th-12th grade)

Interface: Zoom | Friday, June 5th, 3pm–4:15pm

Write alongside other teens and share your work open-mic style! During the write-in, you’ll be given a writing prompt and you’ll have 15 minutes to write independently. At the end of the 15 minutes, writers will have the opportunity to share their work open-mic style and get feedback from instructors and other teens. If you don’t want to share, you can just listen and hear how others responded to the prompt! Each Live Write-In will feature two prompts over the course of an hour.

Click here to reserve a spot.

OWL Pen Pal Program (4th-12th grade)

In partnership with Foundation Communities, Austin Bat Cave’s OWL Pen Pal Program connects and matches young people (4th grade and up) with senior citizens through a digital pen pal program that fosters meaningful connections between generations. Students will write (and receive) a minimum of two letters. Spread the word!

To become an ABC Youth Pen Pal, register here

Poetry Camp (4th–7th grade)

Interface: Zoom | June 15th–19th, 10am–11:30am each day

This workshop for young poets will explore a variety of different poetic forms including lyrics, sonnets, blank verse, and more. For the young William Carlos Williams or Louise Gluck in your life! In addition to written poetry, students will learn about slam and spoken word. The week will end with a reading of work by the students!

Click here to reserve a spot.

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Camp (6th–10th Grade) – FULL (Waitlist Only)

Interface: Zoom | June 22nd–26th, 1pm–2:30pm each day

Get ready to explore a post-apocalyptic Austin! This camp is for kids ages 11-14 who want to write apocalyptic, dystopian, or futuristic fiction (Think Hunger Games. Think Divergent. Think Uglies). Campers will re-imagine their city and neighborhoods in post-apocalyptic terms and bring these worlds to life on the page. Over the course of the workshop, students will complete one short story and do a public reading.

Click here to join the waitlist.

Horror Writing Camp (6th–10th grade) – FULL (Waitlist Only)

Interface: Zoom | June 29th–July 3rd, 1pm–2:30pm each day

What are the stories that scare you the most? Are they about ghosts? Monsters? A trip to the Upside-Down? This camp is for young authors who want to write horror fiction. Campers will learn ways to work with horror tropes in order to write spine-tingling, hair-raising stories, whether subtly spooky or wildly terrifying. Over the course of the workshop, students will complete one short story and do a virtual reading. 

Click here to reserve a spot.

Dungeons & Dragons Writing Camp (5th–9th grade) – FULL (Waitlist Only)

Interface: Zoom | July 20th–24th, 1pm–2:30pm each day

In this camp, students will create a fantasy character, designing everything from their physical traits to their backstory. Campers will work together in small groups to solve problems, defeat monsters, and save the day as they discover their stories and keep a journal of their daily adventures.

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