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Fall 2018 Adult Writing Classes & Workshops

We are excited to offer adult writing programs for writers of all skill levels. Stay tuned as we add more workshops and classes to our fall lineup!

Please note: The fees from ABC’s adult writing workshops are used to both subsidize our programs for children and to pay your workshop instructors.

All classes are non-refundable but are transferrable to another person or to another class of equal or lesser value!

Writing Workshop with Yuki Tanaka— Stealing and Imitating Poetry: Imagery and Sound

Fee: $75.00
Friday, September 7th (6pm – 9pm)
Saturday, September 8th (1pm – 4pm)

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In this two-day poetry workshop, we will take what T.S. Eliot said seriously: “Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.” We will read poems with the question “What writing strategies can we steal?” This course will teach you how to read a poem from a writer’s perspective and think about how the poet makes certain artistic decisions (e.g. why use “shove” instead of “push,” why this title, and not that?). We will try to imagine the creative process of each poet and use their poetic strategies to generate and workshop your own work. How do poets create emotional imagery? How do they make their poems so musical? By the end of the class, you will be able to read poems with a poet’s eye and apply your reading skills to the revision of your own work.

Writing Workshop with Bridget BrewerWild: Radical Forms of Making

Fee: $75.00
Friday, September 21st (6pm – 9pm)
Saturday, September 22nd (1pm – 4pm)

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In this two-day generative class, writer Bridget Brewer will lead us through discussions, creative experiments, and explorations of what it means to be a person who writes – and how to free that entire person onto the page!  By engaging with radical writing by folks like Su Hui, June Jordan, Agnes Varda, Claude Cahun, Bhanu Kapil, and others, we’ll spend the first day gushing about form and language and generating work through writing prompts.  During the second day, we’ll bring a piece of our own writing that we’ve been struggling with and we’ll crack it open, reimagining and reinvigorating the space with newfound courage.  This class is open to writers of all levels in any genre.

Writing Workshop with S. Kirk WalshSuspense & Urgency in Fiction

Fee: $100.00
Friday, October 5th (6pm – 9pm)
Saturday, October 6th (1pm – 4pm)

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During this two-day class, Walsh will look how suspense is skillfully employed in fiction. Can passive characters still be suspenseful? When does suspense verge on becoming melodramatic? How can a small moment of suspense resonate successfully in a scene or a story? How does a writer maintain suspense throughout the entire arc of a story or novel? This class is open to fiction writers of all levels. In-class exercises will be included as well as examples from stories by Edward P. Jones, Anthony Doerr, and Alice Munro.

Writing Workshop with Lara PrescottFinding the Voice

Fee: $75.00
Friday, November 9th (6pm – 9pm)
Saturday, November 10th (1pm – 4pm)

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What makes a work of fiction stand out? What makes you keep turning the page? What makes a character stay with you long after the story has ended? The answer is voice. You may have heard writers, agents, and editors talk about the importance of voice before, but what is it exactly? And how do writers find the best voice for the story they’re telling?

In this two-day workshop, we’ll use a combination of class discussion, close readings, and writing/revision exercises to give your manuscript new power and urgency through voice. Participants are invited to bring a short excerpt from their novels-in-progress or short stories for sharing and on-the-spot revision exercises. Lara Prescott will also offer additional feedback via email after the class is over.

This class is open to fiction writers of all levels.


Writing Workshop with Rene S. PerezWhere to Start? Where to Go? 

Fee: $75.00
Friday, November 30th (6pm – 9pm)
Saturday, December 1st (1pm – 4pm)

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Do you have an idea for your story? Have you hit a roadblock on your path to finishing one up? Over the course of this two-day workshop, Rene S Perez II will work with you on planning, outlining, and finding a way to the completion of your short story or novel chapter.
Perez will work with you on whatever projects you bring to the table–limiting longer works to novel chapters–and help you to create a plan that you can use to get your work complete. Further, he knows two days’ hard work and dedication aren’t always enough to finish a story, and he offers students a follow-up guarantee via email. When you finish the piece, you’ll email, and he’ll follow up with criticism and advice.



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